Seattle, Liberty or Death 2 Rally, Political Placards On Display

  • Seattle, Liberty or Death 2 Rally, Liberty or Death Placard
  • Seattle, Liberty or Death 2 Rally, Placard - Mainstream Media Lies and Deception

On December 1, 2018, an organization called the Washington State Three Percent held a political rally entitled Liberty or Death 2 in Seattle, WA. The purpose of the rally was to protest what they believe is unfair and biased treatment of organizations such as the Washington State Three Percent by the mainstream mass media.

Figure 1. A woman wearing an NRA cap displaying a placard that criticizes the mainstream media.

The phrase "Liberty or Death" comes from the famous speech given on March 23, 1775, by U.S. founding father Patrick Henry. Patrick Henry concluded his famous speech by declaring "Give me liberty, or give me death!", in protest of the way the British government ruled the American colonies at that time, and his desire to revolt from British rule. The flag displayed by this member of the Washington State Three Percenters is called a Gadsden Flag. The Gadsden flag is a traditional American patriotic flag designed by early American Christopher Gadsden in 1775 during the American Revolutionary War against the British.

Attendees at the rally displayed a variety of placards and flags throughout the event. Across the street, many counterprotesters display flags as well, including American flags. Photographs of some of the counter protesters who carried flags are included in some of the other galleries available here on the Studio 2.8 website.