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Studio 2.8 The Spring 2020 Pacific Northwest Tulip Season Is In Full Bloom

Studio 2.8 The Spring 2020 Pacific Northwest Tulip Season Is In Full Bloom

The Studio 2.8 photography Spring 2020 tulip blooms horticultural photography season is in full bloom. The Studio 2.8 photography website photo galleries are filling with the latest Studio 2.8 exclusive photographs of the regions' gardens most colorful, most vibrant, most thriving, tulip blossoms, planted and nurtured by Pacific Northwest gardeners throughout the region.

Because media activities have been deemed essential, media endeavors are exempt from the state and national "stay at home" orders that might otherwise curtail the media photography activities. The exacting task of producing horticultural photographs is a rather "social distanced" activity in any event, which involves hours of hovering throughout beds of blooms, searching for unique perspectives through the purview of a camera viewfinder and the camera's lens.

Studio 2.8 Forthcoming Editorial Background and Opinion Articles

Studio 2.8 Journal - Forthcoming Editorial Background and Opinion Articles

Studio 2.8 photography will soon begin a series of content background articles, including content citation background articles, content encyclopedic citation articles, as well as opinion based editorial articles, about the sometimes controversial political event photography that comprises a portion of the Studio 2.8 photography productions that appear here at the website. This basis for this new series of articles is that all too often, many media publishers omit, or even exclude, essential information about the images and events that appear in their photographs. The goal of this upcoming series of Studio 2.8 backgrounder and primer journal articles is to provide essential editorial and factual perspective on the photographic content presented on the Studio 2.8 photography website.

Of equal importance, while Studio 2.8 endeavors to objectively present the subjects photographed by Studio 2.8 photography, especially political event content that can often be controversial, it has also become essential to present information about the official editorial positions and stances of Studio 2.8 photography itself. Every media publisher, every press entity, has biases. Any media publisher that denies its biases, is a media publisher that shouldn’t be trusted. In contrast, standing politically firm, Studio 2.8 photography, its owner, and its employees, oppose racism, oppose bigotry, oppose fascism, oppose Nazism, oppose white supremacy, oppose seditious communist extremism, supports LGBTQ rights, supports racial civil rights including the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, supports marriage equality rights including the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, and more; because, although these stances are political, they also transcend politics because they represent the foundations of human rights, human decency, and a fair and just society, in which, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are core American values.

Given the foregoing paragraphs, Studio 2.8 is a proudly ethnic minority own media service. The Studio 2.8 photography and video service is owned and operated by a senior citizen, LGBTQ, woman of color, a woman who, in her childhood marched with the late Martin Luther King, Jr. in support of, and in hope of the passage of, the 1964 federal Civil Rights Act. The owner of the Studio 2.8 photography and videography service also shares a university Alma Mater with the late Martin Luther King, Jr. and has always been proud to have studied at a university where many of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s documents, manuscripts, and so on, were, and are, available in the university's library.

As a matter of historical political acumen, the proprietor of Studio 2.8 photography also participated proudly in political demonstrations against the Vietnam War during the late 1960s and early 1970s, primarily because the Vietnam War was a war that conscripted and sent hundreds of thousands of high school and college classmates, against their will and under threat of imprisonment, to a jungle on the opposite side of planet earth, to battle against other people, for reasons that to this day are difficult for even the most respected historians in the world to fully explain. In the 1960s, brave teenagers were being sent to battle, and to possibly die, (over 55,000 Americans did die in Vietnam), wearing just a green or khaki colored denim uniform, a nearly useless helmet, and an M16 rifle, after just six weeks of truly rudimentary basic training, to literally pray every day of being able to make it home alive, “back to the world”, as the saying went back then. It was a time when peoples' closest friends were sent far away, drafted against their will, before the internet,  before social media communications, only able to communicate with back home by writing a letter on paper with a pen. The owner of Studio 2.8 photography participated in massive political demonstrations against that conscripted war, political events with crowds that numbered in the hundreds of thousands, or were sometimes smaller but still extraordinarily politically important. One such smaller but politically impactful demonstration was the May 4, 1970 anti-war demonstration at Kent State University, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, a place that was driving distance from Studio 2.8 photography’s owner’s high school home. During that political demonstration, Ohio National Guard troops shot and killed four (4) Kent State college students and injured nine (9) others. It is this historical backdrop, and other similar political events, such as the August 1968 Democratic National Convention where a huge political demonstration against the Vietnam War overwhelmed it, that informs the photographic eye that is the basis of the Studio 2.8 photography political photographic media craftwork.

From an early photographic tutelage, and an extended apprenticeship by experience, that began in the late 1960s with a Mamiya/Sekor 2000DTL brand 35mm single lens reflex film camera, an experience which has continued over the course of decades since then, with both film cameras, and more recently of course with state of the art digital photographic equipment, Studio 2.8 photography’s political photojournalism is the product of half a century of artistic and informational experience in the United States, observing American political history through a camera’s lens. It is from this foundation of experience and political integrity that Studio 2.8 photography produces difficult to obtain political event photographs. Regardless of risk, Studio 2.8 photography works to be in the political action, within mere feet of the subjects who create political events, recording what transpires, with keen framing that informs, with angles that amplify, and with photographic perspective that is hopefully perspicacious.

Studio 2.8 Covered A Political Rally Organized by Seattle Area Republicans Called Seattle Liberty March

Studio 2.8 Covered a Political Rally Organized by Seattle Area Republicans Called Seattle Liberty March

On Sunday July 28, 2019, Studio 2.8 photography and videography covered a political rally, march, and counter-protest held at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The group of Seattle area Republicans who organized the political rally named their Sunday July 28, 2019 event "Seattle Liberty March". Some of the event organizers and speakers live streamed video of their event via internet social media, which is what the woman in the Studio 2.8 photograph is doing, talking to her internet social media audience while showing counter-protesters in the background of her live internet presentation.

Counter protesters were also present at the "Seattle Liberty March" political rally and march. Many of the counter-protesters appeared to be part of the anarcho-communist domestic terror cell network that has become a significant presence at nearly every political event in and around Seattle, regardless of the political ideology espoused by political event organizers. The Seattle area anarcho-communist domestic terrorists have become infamous and their public visibility increased since one person among their terrror cell network, a man named Willen Van Spronsen, who was also a member of a communist militia called the "Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club", fire bombed the Tacoma, Washington federal immigration detention center on Saturday July 13, 2019 while wielding a homemade AR-15 type rifle, and was subsequently shot and killed by Tacoma, WA police.

Near the end of the speeches given by the "Seattle Liberty March" organizers on Sunday July 28, 2019, a bearded man who wore a black women's mini-dress and black women's ballet slipper style shoes, kicked down the metal barricade that Seattle Police Department officers had erected before the event began (see photographs and video), after which an altercation between police and counter-protesters began.

Once the event speakers had completed their speeches, rally attendees marched through Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Most of the march transpired along the Broadway thoroughfare in the Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. At various junctures during the march, counter protesters managed to slip past cordons of Seattle Police bicycle officers and started physical skirmishs with some of the rally attendees. The event ended back at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, from which event attendees dispersed, accompanied by Seattle Police as they left.

Studio 2.8 Photography Covered the 2019 Triggrcon Convention

Studio 2.8 Photography Covered the 2019 Triggrcon Convention

Studio 2.8 photography produced in depth photographic coverage of the 2019 Triggrcon convention, held this year from July 24, 2019 through July 27, 2019 in Bellevue, Washington. The 2019 Triggrcon Exhibition was the best Triggrcon ever, and likely had the highest attendance ever of any Triggrcon event thus far. Armalite enthusiasts from all over the U.S. flocked to Bellevue, WA to see the latest and the most sophisticated technologies the Armalite industry has to offer. The Triggrcon convention for Armalite enthusiasts and the Armalite firearm industry, was a family friendly event whose attendees ranged in age from small children and mom's with their babies, all the way to senior citizen Armalite enthusiasts, looking for the newest components and innovations available to enhance and upgrade their equipment.

Studio 2.8 will be producing, and has in post production, an in-depth photographic documentary of the entire 2019 Triggrcon bonanza. The Studio 2.8 photographic documentary of Triggrcon 2019 convention will include a vast array of photographic perspectives, from detailed macro photographs of small Armalite components to context photographs that provide perspective on the convention's setting and facilities.

The Studio 2.8 outside establishing photograph above was produced on the morning of July 27, 2019 before the final day of the event began. Although the gray skies above Bellevue, WA on Saturday looked like they were threatening to bring rain to the city, the day stayed dry. In fact, after the convention ended at 6:00 PM on Saturday July 27, 2019, sunshine appeared in the Bellevue, Washington skies to end the day beautifully. Inside, the convention was utterly packed with people who clamored from booth to booth, asking questions, purchasing unregulated products at Triggrcon show special prices, and listening to detailed elaborations about the numerous products from the many event exhibitors. The Triggrcon show was an enjoyable and productive way for Armalite enthusiasts to spend a summertime Saturday.

Among the many exhibitors were Grey Ghost Precision, Aero Precision, Trijicon Aiming Solutions, Sig Sauer, B&T, Hiperfire, Vortex Optics, Fortis Manufacturing, Atibal Optics, American Defense Manufacturing, Stern Defense, F1 Firearms, Gill Arms, Radian Weapons, Vortex Optics, and many more of the best companies in the Armalite industry. The list of companies in the previous sentence will need to be expanded significantly to provide justice to, and give adequate respect to, the many companies who exhibited their amazing products at Triggrcon 2019.

While the extensive Studio 2.8 Triggrcon 2019 photographic documentary remains in post production, during the interim, sneak peak Studio 2.8 photographs from Triggrcon 2019 will be published here at frequently.

Studio 2.8 Covered The Seattle Event Unite Against Political Violence

Studio 2.8 Covered The Seattle Event Unite Against Political Violence

On Sunday July 14, 2019, two local Puget Sound region political groups held a rally in downtown Seattle with speeches, followed by a march. They called their event "Unite Against Political Violence". The first of the two political groups that organized the Sunday July 14, 2019 rally, speeches, and march, is called “Patriots of Washington”. The second of the two political groups that organized the Sunday July 14, 2019 rally, speeches, and march, is called “South Sound Patriot Alliance”. Both political groups have facebook pages but it isn’t clear whether or not these groups have independent websites. The two groups obtained a permit from the City of Seattle to use the Seattle City Hall Park for their event.

The facebook page associated with the group “Patriots of Washington” contains the description:

We are Washington Patriots that are all about Patriotic activism and standing up for this great Nation and its values.

at the facebook page’s about tab. The facebook page associated with the group “South Sound Patriot Alliance” contains the description:

We are a group of Patriots from the South Puget Sound area of Washington State. Our mission is to normalize American Patriotism through non-violent community activities.

at its about tab. In addition to these political groups a team of people who operate two political channels on the youtube video sharing website called “Operation Cold Front” and “Saleem N’ Dion” hosted the event as they produced video for their youtube channel and also broadcast the event using live internet video streaming.

In addition, a local, Puget Sound region, collection of Anarcho-Communist domestic terror cell network associates used the twitter and facebook social media networking platforms to organize a counter-protest against the rally held by the two groups described in the paragraphs above. The counter protesters, nearly all of whom are Communists, primarily associate with various Communist groups that describe their politics as “Anarcho-Communist” or Marxist-Communist, including such Communist organizations as the "Revolutionary Communist Party", the "Freedom Socialist Party", the "Party for Socialism and Liberation", and the "Socialist Alternative" Communist parties.

The most visible of the Anarcho-Communist organizers is a man named Jerry Savage. For the past year or two, Jerry Savage has created facebook event pages to organize the various factions among the domestic terrorists who counter protest political events held by Puget Sound region residents who largely describe themselves as political "conservatives". Another of the counter-protest organizers was a woman named Ariel Shultz. Ariel Shultz was once featured on the cable television network CNN where Shultz described herself and her politics as “Anarcho-Communist”. In the CNN video Ariel Shultz "proudly" displayed her collection of brass knuckles, folding knives, and other weapons, that Ariel Shultz keeeps at the ready during her participation in Anarcho-Communist terror activities at political event counter-protests. A brief "fair use" clip from the interview that Ariel Shultz gave CNN is provided below.

The, mostly Anarcho-Communist, counter-protesters did not obtain any kind of permit from the City of Seattle before staging their counter-protest at Seattle City Hall Park on Sunday July 14, 2019. Many of the other Anarcho-Communist counter-protesters who were present at the political event on Sunday July 14, 2019 appear regularly at similar political events in and around the Seattle, Washington area.

Notably, among the people who also described themselves as having “Anarcho-Communist” political ideologies, and who had previously appeared at multiple similar counter-protests in the past with the people who counter-protested this event, was a now deceased man named Willem Van Spronsen. On Saturday July 13, 2019, the day before the political event at City Hall Park in this Studio 2.8 photograph, Willem Van Spronsen travelled from his home on Vashon Island, WA to Tacoma, WA where Van Spronsen attempted to fire bomb the U.S. Federal Immigration Detention Center there. In response to Van Spronsen’s terroristic fire bombing attack, members of the Tacoma, WA police department shot and killed Willem Van Spronsen. Willem Van Spronsen’s intent appears to have been “suicide by cop”, as part of his politically motivated terroristic attack on the federal facility. The domestic terror attack perpetrated by Willem Van Spronsen on July 13, 2019 at the U.S. Federal Immigration Dentention facility in Tacoma, WA became national news. Willem Van Spronsen left behind a manifesto of sorts, a lengthy suicide letter. In his suicide letter manifesto, and elsewhere, Willem Van Spronsen specifically characterized himself as an Anarcho-Communist, and an anti-government Communist domestic terror activist.

Willem Van Spronsen was also a member of an armed communist militia group called the “Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club”, which in the past has been present of many of the major political rally and counter-protest events in and around Seattle, Washington and the Puget Sound region. Members of the “Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club” are known for attending political event counter-protests openly carrying their rifles and other firearms. It seems likely that the FBI will now react to Willen Van Spronsen's terroristic attack in Tacoma, WA by using that terrorist act as a basis for the federal government to deem all of the "John Brown Gun Club" chapters, factions, and their organizers, an officially designated domestic terror group.

The Studio 2.8 political event photography library likely contains the most extensive collection of photographs of Willem Van Spronsen anywhere. As with most Studio 2.8 photography, all of the Studio 2.8 photography photographs of Willem Van Spronsen are available to Studio 2.8 clients for licensing.

Before the event on Sunday July 14, 2019 in Seattle, the Seattle Police Department erected a metal barricade around the elevated Seattle City Hall Park pavilion, which is next to the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle. As the rally and counter-protest began to materialize, counter-protesters gathered on the grass outside the barricaded pavilion area. As the rally began, various rally attendees gave speeches using an amplified bullhorn.

Meanwhile many of the counter-protesters shouted angrily and used air horns to create loud siren noises. At one point during the rally, one of the counter-protesters threw what was reportedly a “battery” over the barricade at rally attendees. The Seattle Police arrested the man who threw the object. After the arrest, the Seattle Police formed a line of Seattle Police bicycle officers around the barricade. The Studio 2.8 photograph above, of the Seattle police officers and their cordon at the barricade is the photograph that accompanies this Studio 2.8 journal article.

After the various political speakers finished their speeches, the rally attendees marched along the sidewalks of various downtown Seattle streets to Seattle’s Westlake Park, and then back again to Seattle City Hall Park, next to the King County Courthouse, south of James Street on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington where the political rally concluded.

The Studio 2.8 photography service has an extensive library of photographs from this Sunday July 14, 2019 political rally and counter-protest event, as well as photographs of hundreds of other Puget Sound region events, all available for licensing to clients. In the near future Studio 2.8 will also publish various topical galleries that will provide a detailed photographic documentary on what transpired at this political event.

Studio 2.8 Seattle Pride 2019 Unparalleled In-Depth Photo Documentary

Studio 2.8 Seattle Pride 2019 Unparalleled In-Depth Photo Documentary

Studio 2.8 photography is producing an in depth, extraordinarily detailed, photographic documentary extravaganza about Seattle Pride 2019. This year, 2019, Studio 2.8 was able to produce an unprecedented number of amazing photographs while covering the Seattle Pride 2019 parade and festival in the streets of downtown Seattle. 

A few sneak peak photographs are already available on the Studio 2.8 photography website, including a photograph of a man with his face painted in a harlequin style who wore a pride flag like rainbow colored tank top shirt.

Once complete, the Studio 2.8 Seattle Pride 2019 photo documentary will publicly present extraordinary photographic galleries that provide a variety of visual perspectives, that explore nearly every conceivable aspect of the events, the people, the floats, the performers, the energy, the messages, the emotions, the companies, the organizations, and more, who comprised all that was the Seattle Pride 2019 event in Seattle, Washington.


Studio 2.8 Seattle Trans Pride 2019 Photo Documentary Coverage

Studio 2.8 Seattle Trans Pride 2019 Photo Documentary Coverage

Studio 2.8 photography is hard at work, in post production, completing development of the extraordinary Studio 2.8 photographic documentary about the Seattle Trans Pride 2019 march and rally held in Seattle on Friday June 28, 2019. The Seattle Trans Pride 2019 event was held in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, with a march along Capitol Hill's Broadway to Seattle's Cal Anderson Park, where there was a grandstand with music, and where companies and organizations had informational and promotional booths.

The Studio 2.8 Seattle Trans Pride photographic documentary will include an astonishing number of photographs that contain expressions of joy, love, affection, and of course pride, such as the Studio 2.8 photograph from Seattle Trans Pride 2019 that accompanies this journal article. Once published, the Studio 2.8 Seattle Trans Pride photographic documentary will preserve nearly every conceivable aspect of the Seattle Trans Pride 2019 event. The Studio 2.8 Trans Pride Seattle 2019 photographic documentary will include topics such as photographs of posters and signs, such as the sneak peak Studio 2.8 photograph "Progress Requires Protest" from the Seattle Trans Pride 2019 event that is already available on the Studio 2.8 photography website. Stay tuned and check back soon for additional information.

Seattle May 1, 2019 Annual May Day Immigration Politics March And Speech Studio 2.8 Coverage

Seattle May 1, 2019 Annual May Day Immigration Politics March, Rally, And Speeches, Studio 2.8 Coverage

On May 1, 2019, the Studio 2.8 photography team covered the Seattle May Day immigration politics march through the streets of Seattle, including the stop for workers' rights speeches at headquarters, and finally for speeches at the U.S. District federal courthouse. The Studio 2.8 photography team has been photographing the Seattle May Day immigration rallies for many years. This year's May Day march and rally in Seattle was organized by multiple political groups, including Casa Latina which provides support services to immigrant domestic services workers, and the SEIU service worker's union.

The 2019 edition of Seattle's annual May Day immigration politics and workers' rights march and rally began at Judkin's Park in south Seattle. Attendees at the 2019 Seattle May Day Immigration march walked north from Judkin's Park through parts of Seattle's First Hill and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. At the head of the march was the well known Ceatl Tonalli Aztec dancers who performed their traditional dances along the way, with stopos for dance performances at each major street intersection.

Numerous Studio 2.8 photo galleries here on the website, provide unique, detailed, coverage of nearly every aspect of the 2019 Seattle May Day immigration politics march, rally, and speeches.