Event Day Coverage


Studio 2.8 has over a decade of experience photographing events of many types, including political rally/protest events. Studio 2.8 is well known for being able and willing to go where other photographers often fear to tread, in order to capture photographic perspectives that aren't otherwise possible.


Portraits In Studio


In studio, Studio 2.8 photographs people and companions using advanced studio strobe lighting and studio light control tools to capture portrait images directly on computer, for instant large display review, in preparation for later digital darkroom processing and refinement.


Portraits On Location


Studio 2.8 employs state of the art, portable, large battery system powered, studio strobe lighting that can light any scene professionally at any location, no matter how remote. Studio 2.8 uses advanced, high resolution, digital photographic equipment to create fine portrait photographs at any location, for editorial, commercial, corporate, fashion, or for the creation of unparalleled lifetime personal keepsakes.


Studio 2.8 Black Lives Matter

The lives of the Studio 2.8 Photography photo, video, and website, production team matter, because they are Black lives that matter. The following somewhat acerbic brief video, including its hopefully humorous perspective, presents the experience of an African American Studio 2.8 photojournalist, as she escaped: anti-government paranoia (being called a "plant", and "what the government puts here"); was stalked through the streets of southern Capitol Hill by young amoral teen thugs, and then finished her escape from Seattle's lawless and murderous Capitol Hill Insurrection Zone known as the CHAZ on the back of a motorized rickshaw that offered "free rides, free rides!" away from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, down the hill on Pine Street toward downtown Seattle.


The Studio 2.8 photography production, publishing, and licensing, service is owned and operated by a senior citizen, African American, LGBTQ, woman of color, computer scientist, software development technologist and photojournalist with decades of professional experience. The Studio 2.8 photography media production, publishing, and licensing, service maintains the highest possible journalistic values, ethics, and standards.

  • Studio 2.8 opposes discrimination of all kinds.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes bigotry of all kinds.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes racism.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes sexism.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes homophobia.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes transphobia.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes nazism.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes fascism.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes anarchism.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes violence.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes violent communist extremism.
  • Studio 2.8 opposes bias of all kinds.

The Studio 2.8 photography production and licensing service supports and defends the rights and freedoms that comprise the foundations of American societal principles, ethics, decency, integrity, conscience, and the U.S. rule of law. The Studio 2.8 photography service strives diligently to operate in accordance with city, county, state, and federal law, while vigorously exercising 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press.