Studio 2.8 Video - Anti Police Brutality March Demonstrator Photo Montage, Then Raging Seattle Police Brutality On Citizens

Anti Police Brutality March Demonstrator Photo Montage, Then Raging Seattle Police Brutality On Citizens

In this Studio 2.8 exclusive video, the series of photographs in this video montage, produced at the George Floyd death protest march in downtown Seattle on Saturday May 30, 2020, are presented in precise - chronological order - except for the photographs presented during the video's recapitulation, which repeats some of the photos presented earlier in the video.

This Studio 2.8 photo montage video shows a significant portion of the - peaceful - march - and the -peaceful demonstrators - who protested on Saturday May 30, 2020, through the moments at 5th Avenue and Pine Street when the Seattle Police - attacked them - without reasonable cause based on a perspective from the middle of all that transpired in those moments..

Once the Seattle Police attacked their fellow citizens on the afternoon of Saturday May 30, 2020, you can see that they knelt on the ground, many with their hands in the air, even as they were pelted with tear gas bombs, flash bang grenades were thrown at them, and the air was filled with choke inducing pepper spray and the clouds of tear gas.

It is the opinion of the Studio 2.8 Photography team that the - Seattle Police Department - caused and created the melee they perpetrated at the 5th Avenue and Pine Street intersection in downtown Seattle on May 30, 2020. The Seattle Police Department needs to immediately shoulder some of the blame, and apologize to fellow citizens for literally waging war against essentially defenseless people, who mostly knelt before before them in anguish with their hands in the air, as police brutality raged before them.

Of notable importance, the young African American man who wore the "I love being black" shirt was later brutally attacked, tackled, and unjustifiably, handcuffed and arrested, by the Seattle Police, as can be seen in another Studio 2.8 video here on youtube, which presents three and one half minutes of the later unconscionable Seattle Police melee on fellow citizens at 5th Avenue and Pine Street, during which the Seattle Police unleashed what looked like war on their fellow citizens.

Additional Studio 2.8 Video of Brutal Seattle Police Melee Upon Their Seattle Citizens

The Studio 2.8 Photography photo and video team would like to extend immeasurable heartfelt thanks to the countless political demonstrators who proudly enabled Studio 2.8 Photography to impactfully record their first amendment expressions for posterity on the historic day of Saturday May 30, 2020 in Seattle, Washington.

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