Studio 2.8, Seattle Protests, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Photo And Video Coverage

Studio 2.8, Seattle Protests, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, May 30, 2020, Photo And Video Coverage

The diligent Studio 2.8 photography photo and video production team is covering, and has been covering, the George Floyd death racial justice political demonstrations, and also the unlawful riots which have occurred adjacent to the lawful first amendment protected political demonstrations. The Studio 2.8 photography photo and video team will continue to produce photographs and video of these events as this evolving once in a century political passage continues to unfold and transpire.

Already, the Studio 2.8 photography team has produced photographs and video at the Friday May 29, 2020, Saturday May 30, 2020, Sunday May 31, 2020, and other days, of the Black Lives Matter, racial justice, protests in and around the Seattle, Washington area. 

A Studio 2.8 video that presents an uncut video portion of the initial outbreak of the violent police brutality upon political demonstrators in Seattle, WA on Saturday May 30, 2020 is already available on the Studio 2.8 website as a youtube video embed. It seems apparent that it was this initial police brutality episode at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Pine Street in Seattle on the afternoon of Saturday May 30, 2020 that led to the rioting, burning, looting, burglarizing, property theft and destruction that day that has left the downtown Seattle retail core looking like a ravaged war zone.

Despite the attempts of some misguided people to thwart the constitutionally protected First Amendment freedom of the press activities in which the Studio 2.8 Photography photo and video team has been engaged for years, the team is steadfast, stoic, unwavering, continuing assiduously no matter the obstacle, to produce unique and exclusive perspectives on the political events that are evolving in and around the Seattle, Washington area every day.

Be sure to watch the Studio 2.8 George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, racial justice videos that the Studio 2.8 team has produced and published thus far, in anticipation of additional, longer form, in-depth video presentations of the events that comprise many more aspects of these remarkable and unprecedented political demonstrations.