Studio 2.8 Covered The Seattle Event Unite Against Political Violence

Studio 2.8 Covered The Seattle Event Unite Against Political Violence

On Sunday July 14, 2019, two local Puget Sound region political groups held a rally in downtown Seattle with speeches, followed by a march. They called their event "Unite Against Political Violence". The first of the two political groups that organized the Sunday July 14, 2019 rally, speeches, and march, is called “Patriots of Washington”. The second of the two political groups that organized the Sunday July 14, 2019 rally, speeches, and march, is called “South Sound Patriot Alliance”. Both political groups have facebook pages but it isn’t clear whether or not these groups have independent websites. The two groups obtained a permit from the City of Seattle to use the Seattle City Hall Park for their event.

The facebook page associated with the group “Patriots of Washington” contains the description:

We are Washington Patriots that are all about Patriotic activism and standing up for this great Nation and its values.

at the facebook page’s about tab. The facebook page associated with the group “South Sound Patriot Alliance” contains the description:

We are a group of Patriots from the South Puget Sound area of Washington State. Our mission is to normalize American Patriotism through non-violent community activities.

at its about tab. In addition to these political groups a team of people who operate two political channels on the youtube video sharing website called “Operation Cold Front” and “Saleem N’ Dion” hosted the event as they produced video for their youtube channel and also broadcast the event using live internet video streaming.

In addition, a local, Puget Sound region, collection of Anarcho-Communist domestic terror cell network associates used the twitter and facebook social media networking platforms to organize a counter-protest against the rally held by the two groups described in the paragraphs above. The counter protesters, nearly all of whom are Communists, primarily associate with various Communist groups that describe their politics as “Anarcho-Communist” or Marxist-Communist, including such Communist organizations as the "Revolutionary Communist Party", the "Freedom Socialist Party", the "Party for Socialism and Liberation", and the "Socialist Alternative" Communist parties.

The most visible of the Anarcho-Communist organizers is a man named Jerry Savage. For the past year or two, Jerry Savage has created facebook event pages to organize the various factions among the domestic terrorists who counter protest political events held by Puget Sound region residents who largely describe themselves as political "conservatives". Another of the counter-protest organizers was a woman named Ariel Shultz. Ariel Shultz was once featured on the cable television network CNN where Shultz described herself and her politics as “Anarcho-Communist”. In the CNN video Ariel Shultz "proudly" displayed her collection of brass knuckles, folding knives, and other weapons, that Ariel Shultz keeeps at the ready during her participation in Anarcho-Communist terror activities at political event counter-protests. A brief "fair use" clip from the interview that Ariel Shultz gave CNN is provided below.

The, mostly Anarcho-Communist, counter-protesters did not obtain any kind of permit from the City of Seattle before staging their counter-protest at Seattle City Hall Park on Sunday July 14, 2019. Many of the other Anarcho-Communist counter-protesters who were present at the political event on Sunday July 14, 2019 appear regularly at similar political events in and around the Seattle, Washington area.

Notably, among the people who also described themselves as having “Anarcho-Communist” political ideologies, and who had previously appeared at multiple similar counter-protests in the past with the people who counter-protested this event, was a now deceased man named Willem Van Spronsen. On Saturday July 13, 2019, the day before the political event at City Hall Park in this Studio 2.8 photograph, Willem Van Spronsen travelled from his home on Vashon Island, WA to Tacoma, WA where Van Spronsen attempted to fire bomb the U.S. Federal Immigration Detention Center there. In response to Van Spronsen’s terroristic fire bombing attack, members of the Tacoma, WA police department shot and killed Willem Van Spronsen. Willem Van Spronsen’s intent appears to have been “suicide by cop”, as part of his politically motivated terroristic attack on the federal facility. The domestic terror attack perpetrated by Willem Van Spronsen on July 13, 2019 at the U.S. Federal Immigration Dentention facility in Tacoma, WA became national news. Willem Van Spronsen left behind a manifesto of sorts, a lengthy suicide letter. In his suicide letter manifesto, and elsewhere, Willem Van Spronsen specifically characterized himself as an Anarcho-Communist, and an anti-government Communist domestic terror activist.

Willem Van Spronsen was also a member of an armed communist militia group called the “Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club”, which in the past has been present of many of the major political rally and counter-protest events in and around Seattle, Washington and the Puget Sound region. Members of the “Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club” are known for attending political event counter-protests openly carrying their rifles and other firearms. It seems likely that the FBI will now react to Willen Van Spronsen's terroristic attack in Tacoma, WA by using that terrorist act as a basis for the federal government to deem all of the "John Brown Gun Club" chapters, factions, and their organizers, an officially designated domestic terror group.

The Studio 2.8 political event photography library likely contains the most extensive collection of photographs of Willem Van Spronsen anywhere. As with most Studio 2.8 photography, all of the Studio 2.8 photography photographs of Willem Van Spronsen are available to Studio 2.8 clients for licensing.

Before the event on Sunday July 14, 2019 in Seattle, the Seattle Police Department erected a metal barricade around the elevated Seattle City Hall Park pavilion, which is next to the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle. As the rally and counter-protest began to materialize, counter-protesters gathered on the grass outside the barricaded pavilion area. As the rally began, various rally attendees gave speeches using an amplified bullhorn.

Meanwhile many of the counter-protesters shouted angrily and used air horns to create loud siren noises. At one point during the rally, one of the counter-protesters threw what was reportedly a “battery” over the barricade at rally attendees. The Seattle Police arrested the man who threw the object. After the arrest, the Seattle Police formed a line of Seattle Police bicycle officers around the barricade. The Studio 2.8 photograph above, of the Seattle police officers and their cordon at the barricade is the photograph that accompanies this Studio 2.8 journal article.

After the various political speakers finished their speeches, the rally attendees marched along the sidewalks of various downtown Seattle streets to Seattle’s Westlake Park, and then back again to Seattle City Hall Park, next to the King County Courthouse, south of James Street on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington where the political rally concluded.

The Studio 2.8 photography service has an extensive library of photographs from this Sunday July 14, 2019 political rally and counter-protest event, as well as photographs of hundreds of other Puget Sound region events, all available for licensing to clients. In the near future Studio 2.8 will also publish various topical galleries that will provide a detailed photographic documentary on what transpired at this political event.