Studio 2.8 Covered A Political Rally Organized by Seattle Area Republicans Called Seattle Liberty March

Studio 2.8 Covered a Political Rally Organized by Seattle Area Republicans Called Seattle Liberty March

On Sunday July 28, 2019, Studio 2.8 photography and videography covered a political rally, march, and counter-protest held at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The group of Seattle area Republicans who organized the political rally named their Sunday July 28, 2019 event "Seattle Liberty March". Some of the event organizers and speakers live streamed video of their event via internet social media, which is what the woman in the Studio 2.8 photograph is doing, talking to her internet social media audience while showing counter-protesters in the background of her live internet presentation.

Counter protesters were also present at the "Seattle Liberty March" political rally and march. Many of the counter-protesters appeared to be part of the anarcho-communist domestic terror cell network that has become a significant presence at nearly every political event in and around Seattle, regardless of the political ideology espoused by political event organizers. The Seattle area anarcho-communist domestic terrorists have become infamous and their public visibility increased since one person among their terrror cell network, a man named Willen Van Spronsen, who was also a member of a communist militia called the "Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club", fire bombed the Tacoma, Washington federal immigration detention center on Saturday July 13, 2019 while wielding a homemade AR-15 type rifle, and was subsequently shot and killed by Tacoma, WA police.

Near the end of the speeches given by the "Seattle Liberty March" organizers on Sunday July 28, 2019, a bearded man who wore a black women's mini-dress and black women's ballet slipper style shoes, kicked down the metal barricade that Seattle Police Department officers had erected before the event began (see photographs and video), after which an altercation between police and counter-protesters began.

Once the event speakers had completed their speeches, rally attendees marched through Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Most of the march transpired along the Broadway thoroughfare in the Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. At various junctures during the march, counter protesters managed to slip past cordons of Seattle Police bicycle officers and started physical skirmishs with some of the rally attendees. The event ended back at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, from which event attendees dispersed, accompanied by Seattle Police as they left.