March For Our Rights Gun Rights Rally Coverage By Studio 2.8

Studio 2.8 Covered The March For Our Rights 2.0, Gun Rights Rally, 2019 April 27, In Olympia, Washington

On Saturday April 27, 2019, a coalition of Washington State gun rights organizations, including the "Washington Three Percent", and various Washington State politicians, held a gun rights political rally they called "March For Our Rights 2.0" on the state capitol grounds in Olympia, Washington. This now annual gun rights rally was attended by over 2,000 Washingtonians from all over the state. Attendees came to the gun rights rally in Olympia, WA from as far away as Spokane, WA. Included among the speakers at the March For Our Rights 2.0 rally were several members of the Washington State legislature. Other speakers at the rally included various prominent gun rights activists as well as various other politicians who are not members of the Washington legislature. In addition, various organizations had informational booths at the rally. Among the organizations with booths at the gun rights rally was "Pink Pistols Seattle", a thriving group organized by LGBTQ people that encourages LGBTQ people to support the inalienable right to armed self-defense.

Studio 2.8 coverage includes photographs of many of the speakers, attendees, political banners and posters, the political booths, context and establishing photographs and more. Here at there will be multiple galleries, including some mass photo galleries that provide quick access to lots of photos, topic based photo galleries from the rally, and individual photo pages with specific explanatory text regarding select photographs. There is a mass gallery of tall photographs from the rally. There is also a mass gallery of wide photographs from the rally. 

Also in attendance at the March for Our Rights 2.0 rally were representatives from USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association), an organization whose member benefits include legal defense support for its members in case a member is threatened with legal action after a self defense use of their firearm. Recently, Washington's Govenor Jay Inlsee, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler, together blocked the legal support benefits that USCCA provides to its members. The USCCA and its Washington members were at the March For Our Rights rally to organize efforts to unblock member access to the group's legal defense member benefits. From an editorial perspective it seems ironic that Washington's state government opposes these types of benefits for gun owners when many gun prohibitionist politicians want to require gun owners to obtain gun insurance, which apparently doesn't otherwise currently exist, as a requirement of civilian gun ownership.